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We are the survivors of Cancer, Addiction, The War on Drugs & Cultural Struggle. Our mission remains to educate & consult with people in need of a regiment to successfully recovery from illness or addiction. We practice Medical Marijuana as a primary treatment option, opposed to harmful Prescription Pills. As People in Recovery from the “Opiod Epidemic”, we have let go off all pills but vitamins. We have instilled values, principles & healthy daily regiments that include medical marijuana treatment, therapy, exercise & positive thinking to successfully combat the rapidly growing opiate epidemic here at the Jersey Shore.

Addiction almost took ours and HAS taken the lives of good people! People that have not been given the proper education, medicines or treatments readily available, yet stigmatized as “gateway drugs”, necessary to combat our nations opiate epidemic. For years our country has practiced the War on Drugs. For over 35+ years The War on Drugs has been waged on American citizens. Marijuana is coming to New Jersey, TIME TO CHANGE THE STIGMA!

Shoreganix LLC. is located in Asbury Park, NJ and we continue to help the addicted. We have documented lasting success from opiate addiction in our patients who have embraced medical marijuana, exercise, diet, positive mindset & a regiment that fits each individuals diagnosis or need! Contact us for a Consultation to combat your pain or addiction. We are here for you!

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When an individual does achieve sobriety from active addiction there still lies experience & trauma from jail cells, violence, homelessness and Painful Detox. Even after the physical addiction ends, the individual still carries the memories, feelings and emotions that kept them alive in their addiction or battle through chemo. For those who have experienced that trauma, that pain DOES subside with a regiment of hard work, healthy diet, exercise, setting positive/obtainable goals, therapy & medical marijuana. This system has allowed thousands to discard their prescription pill regiments for healthy alternative medical regiments. Herbal Medicine must be priority, only when herbal or organic treatment fails, should doctors turn to prescription pills. #PotOVERPills

Without the addictive properties of alcohol, cannabis is an extremely beneficial medicine & herb that carries the power to balance our state & nations economy. Embracing Cannabis Cultivation allows industry for all american citizen to be completely self sufficient. Meaning, with legalized Cannabis Cultivation, the citizens of The Garden State could provide every human need for themselves by cultivating cannabis. The Cannabis plant provides fuel, food, clothing, medicine, oils & the list goes on. We are here to embrace legalization & embrace those suffering from illness & addiction. We can help you establish a healthy life regiment that we GUARANTEE will make your quality of life better if you follow our treatment plans, designed to fit your individual diagnosis.

Once a victim of “opiod disorder”, Shoreganix LLC. founder is a person in recovery from a truly astonishing past. Brandon is a 32 year old resident of New Jersey and has successfully maintained his recovery for over 5+ years by embracing a positive attitude healthy lifestyle & medical cannabis treatment. Brandon took his regiment and began to adjust it to meet the needs of friends also suffering opiate addiction…. it worked. We are proud to say our small company has provided healthy regiments for 6 individuals who are no longer slaves to addiction & have embraced marijuana treatment. A healthy regiment of physical activity, hard work, healthy eating, positive thinking & medical cannabis has helped the founder of Shoreganix (Brandon) obtain a quality of life he never believed possible. Contact us to establish relations or for a consultation for recovery coaching!

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Peace, Love & Determination

Our documented research consists of patients who have suffered over a decade of opiod disorder. Our trials have found methods to endure LASTING recovery from addiction through a healthy daily regiment designed specifically for the individual! We have found recovery from opiate addiction, our volunteer patients have all found life after addiction & are all successfully living opiate free today. Each individual has found success in their own specific regiment. Individual regiments are designed to fit the recovery of the individual. Regiments consist of a healthy diet, physical activity, positive mindset & medical marijuana treatment. Pills have been a go-to option for ailments for years. Time to Change the Stigma Herbal medication & alternative medication should be the first option for a patient in need of recovery. Harmful/addictive pills should be a last option after organic remedies have been attempted. This ideology alone will change the face of our “opiate epidemic”. The war on drugs has failed. The War on Drugs is a War on American Citizens!

SHOREGANIX LLC. is a Jersey Shore Collective & Business focused on bringing lasting recovery to patients via the many benefits of Marijuana Treatment.



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