Support Medical Freedom & Alternative Treatment. Cannabis IS our culture.

Do You Qualify for the New Jersey Medical Marijuana Program? Find out by filling out the information below about your symptoms. We’ll contact you & find the medical cannabis regiment to best suit your needs!

Although we are an Limited Liability Company, we are currently self supporting in our mission to help others connect with prescribing cannabis doctors in their areas. We also recomend and give group & individual workshops for New Jersey Medical Marijuana Patients. We offer recipe’s & will show you how to create your own oil’s, butters & extracts to fit your regiment so that you can get the most out of your medicine!



Feel free to donate to our cause as we are fully self supporting & spending many hours working within the community to educate adults, police, children & politicians. As medicine evolves in our society, so must the ways in which we interact and create proactive solutions to new matters. Chip in for the cause as it goes a long way!

We pay for traveling, legal work & research in effort to evolve the Cannabis industry for the healthcare of citizens. People are recovering from Opiate Disorder through Cannabis Treatment & Education. Support Us & Join Us as we establish Cannabis Compassion & Treatment into the minds of New Jersey Legislation! #ExitDrug

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Shoreganix LLC. is dedicated to educating the community & legislation of New Jersey. We are an organization successfully treating Opiod Disorder (addiction) with “Medical Marijuana”. We are working to establish Co-Op programs in New Jersey allowing the patients to cultivate and & care for themselves. Each individual has their own recovery process with their own cannabis regiment that must be followed to ensure the success of the treatment.

Recovery is only possible when treating the diagnosis on an Individual basis. We are living proof Cannabis saves people from suffering & relapse. We are opiate free, Medical Marijuana Patients. Who would have thought? We are far more than your “lazy stoners”, nor are we replacing opiates with cannabis. We have embraced an organic lifestyle. Recovery is possible in so many ways if we embrace it.  Contact us! to discuss our treatment regiments for you!

We do not sell Cannabis! Shoreganix LLC. is in compliance with all state laws and Federal regulations. Do not contact us in search of Cannabis! We advocate, consult & embrace those who have suffered as we once did.

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Seeking Investors for Cannabis Clinical Trials to begin Summer 2018. Testing the effect of both psychoactive cannabis compounds as well as non-psychoactive compounds in cannabis to successfully treat opiate disorder with the dual diagnosis of PTSD during post-acute withdrawal period. (The First 6-20) months Opiate Free, individuals can still feel psychological, physical trauma and pain as the body makes a biologial & psychological transition off of opiates).