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Successful Marijuana Treatment In Lasting Opiate Recovery

New Jersey must adapt to the ideology & simple Fact (un-official fact due to Federal law, PROHIBITING cannabis research) that Medical Marijuana is EXTREMELY BENEFICIAL TO LASTING OPIATE RECOVERY!

If New Jersey plans to overcome the opiate epidemic, which directly coincides with our current mass incarceration epidemic, cannabis must strongly be considered and implemented into Rehabilitation and be given as an option to patients in opiate detox as well as recovery. The state is currently fields to the brim with gel cell of kids addicted to Pills and heroin… remnants of the failed War on Drugs policy.

I am recovering from an 11-year Opiate Addiction. I am now over 5 years Opiat\ne free. A large part of my success in recovery & battle with chronic PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Diaorder) can be accredited to Cannabis, healthy diet, positive mindset, physical excessive & the determination to LIVE.

After wasting years of my life to the streets, jails & the disease of addiction I decided to leave my mark on the world. At the age of 27 I made the conscious decision to stop using drugs and to start helping people that have struggled an opiate addiction like myself.

After 3 years of stone cold sobriety from all mood and mind-altering drugs, my PTSD was thriving. Moodiness, insomnia and severe panic attacks ruled my life as a “Person In Recovery“. I was struggling with my daily quality of life.

In September of 2016 PTSD was added to the New Jersey Medical Marijuana Program #NJMMP

The stigma that conservative America has put on marijuana is that of complete manipulation and control. I stand behind this screen typing this personal article, to inform whoever is reading that cannabis is successful in treating lasting opiate recovery.

Since my admission to the New Jersey medical marijuana program my quality of life has reached a level I never thought possible. My PTSD has subsided significantly since beginning my cannabis treatment. And my opiate addiction marijuana was not a factor as every dollar I had went to opiates that I needed to fuel my addiction. Smoking cannabis again for the first time since college was exactly what I needed. For the last Almost 2 years I have lived happily as a medical marijuana patient in New Jersey and I have remained free from all other drugs including alcohol as this is my choice.

Below is a list medical benefits cannabis has in combating opiate addiction:

(From Personal Experience & over 24 detox/rehabilitation programs)

Cannabis benefits in treating opiate detox & withdrawal Symptoms:

  • Opiate detox gives extreme stomach cramping nausea and constipation.

CBG and CBD in cannabis significantly help with nausea cramping and irregular bowel movements. Cannabis takes away the inflammation and irritability that occurs as bowels loosen from extended opiate use.

Opiate withdrawal symptoms cause significant back pain as well as leg pain and body tremors. This COMBINED with 3 to 10 days of insomnia can cause extreme anxiety, panic & erratic behavior.

Components in cannabis from THC to CBD and CBN give relief from lowering blood pressure, aiding chronic anxiety and insomnia. This is extremely beneficial should not be taken lightly. – I remember in my addiction, sitting in detox beds and jail cells, shaking so profusely that my spine and legs would be aching from the convulsions going through my body. That body convulses as the opiates are leaving. If I were administered cannabis in my last detox that allowed me to stay sober, I would have saved myself a significant amount of pain. Many people will say “The pain will remind you of how terrible the disease of addiction is.”, however, there are much worse things that addiction brings to my mind than the pain of withdrawal.

  • During Detox from Opiate withdrawal the human brain “comes out of the fog” so to speak. The opiates are leaving the body and the human brain is feeling emotions for the first time in the Years causing extreme emotional discomfort often leading to relapse and suicide. This is among the greatest challenges to sustain in lasting recovery. The human brain can take years to adapt emotionally and mature mentally after long exposure to opiate addiction. Cannabis helps by preventing an overload of emotions and feelings to impact the newly sober mind. Often times people in recovery detox and want to run for the stars and do everything on their list that they missed out in their addiction. This is because the mind is coming back to the addict and they are reconnecting with their normal thought process that has been blinded by the disease. Years of neglected responsibilities & emotions can cause some newly recovered addicts to immediately take off running in recovery, this is a bad idea. It is hard for anyone to multitask. An addict who is new to sobriety has an overwhelming amount of thoughts and initial motivation from suppress thoughts and emotions that tend to drive and overwhelmed the addict in the wrong direction often into relapse. Cannabis helps by slowing down the overwhelming Highway of emotions thoughts and responsibilities that the addict must now accomplish in recovery. If the addict Entertains all of these emotions without counseling or the awareness of how to balance these emotions they are sure to fail. overwhelming a person in recovery who has not been responsible for a decade is not going to end well. There needs to be an integration process and education as well as comfortability in order for there to be progress in recovery. Medical marijuana is key in helping someone post recovery control pulsive thoughts and actions. Cannabis and its ability to relieve anxiety helps to slow down these compulsive thoughts while trying to fill-in the depleted opioid receptors.
  1. The body indoors extreme inflammation during opiate withdrawal as the opiates leave the body aches and pains from all over begin to swell up and become inflamed.
    1. “CBD (FOUND IN MEDICAL MARIJUANA) works against pain primarily in the peripheral nervous system (INFLAMMATION).

    Opiate detox leaves the addict with no appetite due to the extreme nausea. The CBG compound in Marijuana is extremely beneficial and helping with stomach issues of all kind. Especially when it comes to giving “the munchies”. Cannabis helps addicts obtain an appetite. In the first 7-10 days of withdrawal, many addicts do not eat, due to the extreme nausea and pain.

Cannabis directly helps in opiate detox. Significantly relieving pain, insomnia, anxiety and aiding as an appetite booster. There are many beneficial reasons why cannabis should be administered to people and recovery from opiate addiction.

After learning to live with my demons from 11 years of addiction, homelessness and jail cells, I dedicated my my life to helping others affected by the disease like I was. I am 32 years old today, over 5 years opiate free and I can without a doubt tell you that medical marijuana has helped me stay clean from opiates and other Drugs since MY OWN CHOICE to recover 5 years ago.

mandatory Rehabilitation does not work. And addict will only achieve sobriety when they want to. When the pain is great enough, the addict will want to sobriety themselves and do whatever it takes to get it. Our criminal justice system and Drug courts are flawed you cannot force a person into recovery the person must make that decision on their own. We cannot regulate and confidently say there is one way for people to recover from addiction but we can certainly say cannabis as a medicine is beneficial and eating lasting recovery for myself and many many other people who have lived the unfortunate experience of opiate addiction.

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As most of you know we have been working vigorously to help others in obtaining healthcare through the New Jersey Medical Marijuana Program. I myself, Brandon am a person in recovery from an 11 year opiate addiction. Sober over 4 years and battling with PTSD, Medical Marijuana has aided my sleep, anxiety, appetite, mood & quality of life. Sign up below or e-mail and get qualified as a New Jersey MMP Today!

Join the NJ Cannabis Community!

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Nuns & Economic Growth: Smoking, Growing & Selling Marijuana

The following is a video that depicts the lifestyle of a covenant of Nuns, dedicated to treating terminally ill patients with Marijuana. They operate using old machinery, old methods of growing, cultivating and extracting marijuana CBD, CBG & CBN.  (Non-Psychoactive chemicals in Marijuana, used to treat Pain, Inflammation, Abdominal Issues, Insomnia, PTSD & the list goes on) Our country has fallen into an age of Opiate Addiction, kicked off by the true Gateway Drug, Prescription Pills. With the “Green Wave” of Marijuana decriminalization taking the country of the United States by storm, these women are taking full advantage of the inexpensive organic medicine’s created at their ranch, by hand, hard work, long days & tons of Love.

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GCADA, Governor Christie Fighting Marijauana in 2017

“The American criminal justice system holds more than 2.3 million people in 1,719 state prisons, 102 federal prisons, 901 juvenile correctional facilities, 3,163 local jails, and 76 Indian Country jails as well as in military prisons, immigration detention facilities, civil commitment centers, and prisons in the U.S. territories.” – Peter J Wagner M.D.

The Billboard Posted above sends a misleading message to our youth. I have a 5 year old in my life. Marijuana is legalizing across the nation. Right now she is being told by our #governor #chrischristie & the #GCADA that Marijuana is a negative drug. Nobody wants children with undeveloped minds to smoke #marijuana before their brains have matured, harming their emotional and intellectual growth.

Our country has tried the War On Drugs, a “scare tactic approach” … scaring the disease of addiction out of people by incarceration has failed. I have personal experience with the struggle of addiction, jail, rehabilitation and I am a person in recovery who uses medical marijuana to deal with my psychological issues (PTSD) brought on from INCARCERATION FOR POSESSION.

Jailing an addiction teaches it nothing. Having spent 6 years behind bars for posession I believe I am educated enough to make the statement “Non-Violent drug offenders who have not harmed person or property should never be jailed for simple posession as jailing is more traumatic then a joint of marijuana. After multiple years opiate free and drug free (I did not become a Medical Marijuana Patient until 18 months into my #recovery because #addictive pills were the only other option doctors would offer.

#potOVERpills is another Initiative we live by. Harmful pharmacuetical pills are far worse for sleep, anxiety, depression, mood disorders, PTSD and many other diagnosis.

Since my Medical Marijuana Prescription almost 1 year ago now, I have stopped taking 6 pills for my diagnosis and have replaced them with 2 joints a day. One for the morning anxiety and depression and one at night for hypertension (PTSD) and sleep. I am down to 1 pill a day… that is my #Centrum Vitamins. If you or a loved one are dealing with addiction or have questions or concerns about New Jersey and The Medical Marijuana Program Feel free to ask a question.

This page is for the people. Not to profit or gain political recognition. Mearly to help our brothers and sisters of New Jersey to break the never ending cycle of jail and the stigma on addiction and the facts of Marijuana!